Ginette® is born from a beautiful friendship and with a passion for nature and ecology.

They are most respectful of the environment and hope to change the consumers mentalities in matter of consumption. They opted for an organic product (Certisys certified) and favor the development of traditional and sustainable agriculture.


Nature lover with a passion for century old trees. Professional pruner, he sculpts, trims and shapes trees like an artist.


Also a nature enthusiast and passionate about travel and adventure. He manages to juggle his life as a landscape architect and his many different activities.


Was active in the distribution sector for many years on a national and an international level. Today, active in the real estate business.


Originally from Antwerp, he did a part of his studies in Walloon while living in Brussels. CEO of the Knokke Out Company in Zoute, Waterloo and LLN. A proud Belgian entrepreneur, today active in the Bio industry.

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